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Baker Consultants & University of Warwick Feature on Episode of Gardening with the RHS Podcast

Over the course of the year, we’ve been shouting far and wide about our ecoacoustics research with scientists from the University of Warwick, as our research can help to change the way we monitor and maintain soil health in the future.

Affter unveiling our research, which is being funded by DEFRA, and soil listening station at RHS Chelsea in May earlier this year, our research in the field has been making waves in British media, having been featured on BBC News Midlands Today, BBC Breakfast, BBC Farming Today, The Times and The Sunday Telegraph.

Most recently, our Managing Director, Andrew Baker, sat with University of Warwick’s Jacqueline Stroud on the Gardening with the RHS podcast and discussed the research that we’ve been doing in this field, and just how important it is for the future of food and farming. In the podcast, Andrew and Jacqueline explain how we’ve been listening to the sounds of earthworms living within soil to gauge soil health, and how a healthy soil is a noisy soil. They go on to explain that soil health is fundamental to maintaining food supplies, but our current agricultural practices are degrading soils at a rapid rate. Ecoacoustic methods offer a non-invasive, cost-effective, reliable way of monitoring soil health, enabling farmers and land managers to make informed decisions that promote sustainability.

Baker Consultants’ collaboration with the University of Warwick on ecoacoustics research represents a remarkable leap forward in our understanding of soil health and its significance to the future of food and farming. Our new-found ability to listen to the Earth through sound opens up new possibilities for sustainable agriculture, ecosystem preservation and climate action. As we continue to grapple with the challenges of the 21st century, this innovative research offers hope for a more sustainable and resilient future.

If you’re interested in listening to this episode of the Gardening with the RHS podcast, the full episode is available here.


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