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Biodiversity Net Gain

The implications of Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) are far reaching not only for the development industries such as house building but also for landowners and land managers who will be delivering BNG units. The Environment Bill gained Royal Assent on Tuesday 9 November 2021, setting out the legal requirement for most types of development to achieve 10% net gain for biodiversity. However, the legal requirement to deliver 10% BNG is reliant on secondary legislation which has yet to come forward. We are still therefore in a ‘no man’s land’ between the legislation being finalised and the current national and local plan policies.

Defra has already developed a system to measure biodiversity and the BNG Metric is now in its 3.0 version. The metric provides a mechanism of measuring the pre-development baseline value of a site (measured in BNG units) and developers will be required to offset any losses plus 10%. Replacement BNG units can be provided within the development itself or offsite on separate land.

The Bill provides the legal mechanisms for securing BNG through ‘Conservation Covenants’ and has been specifically set up to create an open commercial market for buying and selling BNG units.

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Whether you’ve just discovered a protected species (bat/badger/great creseted newst) and need some immediate advice to allow work to carry on, or are at the early stages of your project and need to understand how to design for BNG as well as get the best planning outcome, Baker Consultants can help. We will work with you to navigate the legal processes for the whole duration of your development and provide you with robust, scientific, commercially-minded consultancy. Hands dirty or desk bound, our team is ready to take your call: 01629 593958 or

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