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Baker Consultants’ Bioacoustics Team Grows with the Appointment of Database Developer, Karthik

Baker Consultants is pleased to announce that, as part of the ongoing investment in our bioacoustics services, Karthik Ashok is joining the team as a data scientist and database developer.

Karthik has a highly specialised set of skills, bringing specific expertise to the team and allowing us to develop some exciting new services for our clients. He has a BTech in Electronics and Communications, and an MSc (by research) from University of St. Andrews which focused on using deep learning techniques to track animal occurrences and their acoustic behaviour. In between his studies, he has also worked in a range of commercial and academic settings, using Artificial Intelligence methods for image and bioacoustic analysis.

Baker Consultants is about to launch a two-year research project with a number of partners, exploring the practical use of bioacoustics within the agri-environment sector. This will run in parallel with another project also led by Carlos Abrahams, Baker Consultants’ Director of Bioacoustics, looking at the potential use of bioacoustics for monitoring Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG). Karthik’s skills will be focused on automating and integrating our workstreams and using emerging digital tools to unlock the innovation that bioacoustic techniques can offer across the board, including monitoring of BNG, agri-environment and rewilding schemes.

Managing Director, Andrew Baker, said: “Ecology is a data led discipline which, unfortunately, has been slow to adopt new innovative techniques for data collection. We have for many years been committed to the development and adoption of new technology, and bringing a data specialist into the team to support our field ecologists and research projects was a logical step. We are committed to innovation and development of best-practice for the industry. There is a huge opportunity for the ecological consultancy sector to become more cost-efficient and scientifically robust and we are investing heavily to rapidly advance our bioacoustic and data analytical capability to the benefit of our clients in the UK and beyond.”

If you want to discuss how bioacoustics can help your project, please get in touch with Carlos at or telephone 01629 593958.