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Carlos Abrahams Joining the Scottish Ornithologists’ Club 2023 Conference as a Speaker

The Scottish Ornithologists’ Club (SOC) 2023 Annual Conference is set to take place on 24-26 November at Atholl Palace Hotel in Pitlochry, Scotland. The SOC Conference consists of an exciting programme of talks based around the theme of bird sounds, providing like-minded individuals and nature enthusiasts with the opportunity to share their knowledge and hear about the latest findings, projects and guidance.

Baker Consultants’ Director of Ecoacoustics, Carlos Abrahams, has been invited to speak on day three of the 2023 Annual SOC Conference, where he will talk about Developing Bioacoustics Methods for Bird Surveys.

Carlos undertakes research in bioacoustics, particularly covering birds, and so is keen on the development of fieldwork techniques and monitoring approaches. Alongside some of his peers, Carlos published new guidance on Long-Term Ecoacoustic Monitoring and Acoustic Bird Survey Methods earlier this year. The SOC Conference will serve as a platform for Carlos to share our latest bioacoustics methodologies for bird surveys, talk through some of the benefits of bioacoustics for survey and monitoring, describe a handful of case studies from Scotland and England, and outline how new guidance has been developed to increase the use of acoustic recording approaches in the birding world.

If you’re interested in coming along or listening in online, click here to find out more about the conference and how to book your place.


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