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Baker Consultants win management plan work for 17th century working water mill and country park

Baker Consultants, alongside MOLA and DSA Environment & Design, recently won the contract to produce a new Management Plan for Worsbrough Mill and Country Park.

Commissioned by Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership (DVLP) in collaboration with Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council (BMBC), the production of the Management Plan will guide a five-year management programme at Worsbrough Mill and Country Park and provide the foundations for a longer-term sustainable management programme for the site.

Worsbrough Mill is a 17th century working water mill producing flour, set in a 240 acre country park in Barnsley, both of which are accessible to visitors. The broadleaved woodlands and reservoir support a rich variety of wildlife and the site is a popular visitor attraction offering a wide range of recreational activities.

Worsbrough Mill, 17th century working water mill and country park | Baker Consultants

Worsbrough Mill, 17th century working water mill and country park

Baker Consultants, MOLA and DSA Environment & Design have formed a highly skilled project team to produce a clear, practical and focused Management Plan for the site. The team includes ecology, heritage and landscape experts, all with considerable relevant project experience, including the preparation of management plans for nature conservation sites such as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs), Local Nature Reserves (LNRs), heritage assets and parks.

Working alongside the partner organisations, the Consultancy Team will produce a clear and readable working document to provide day-to-day guidance for the management of the site on behalf of all stakeholder groups. The consensus of stakeholder groups is crucial to the success of the Management Plan and Baker Consultants’ modern approach will ensure the involvement of stakeholders and promote innovative ideas regarding management options, enabling DVLP to continue to achieve Green Flag Status.

Mark Woods, Senior Ecologist at Baker Consultants said: “Worsbrough Mill is a highly valuable site in terms of ecology, recreation and heritage. Through this management plan, the key features that contribute to these values will be maintained and enhanced. This project represents an exciting opportunity to increase community involvement and preserve the economic, ecological and historical value of the site.”

Cows grazing at Worsbrough Mill | Baker Consultants

Cows grazing at Worsbrough Mill

As an international ecological consultancy, Baker Consultants specialise in innovative, positive ecology solutions that benefit people, nature and business. Baker Consultants are licensed for all protected species surveys and provide clients with a level of ecological survey appropriate for their project, interpreting legislation and policy on behalf of clients to ensure projects comply with all environmental requirements.

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