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TIN102 Reptile mitigation guidelines withdrawn

This newsflash has just been received from Natural England announcing the withdrawal of its reptile mitigation guidelines.

Consultants and interested parties are being encouraged to provide contributions to the re-drafting process, but the contact details do not appear to be on the NE web site but can be found on the IEEM web site.

Reptile Mitigation Guidelines withdrawn

All staff involved in planning-related reptile mitigation work should note that following some useful early feedback from ecological consultants, Natural England has decided to withdraw the first edition of the Reptile Mitigation Guidelines (Technical Information Note No. 102, dated 9 September 2011) to enable various points to be clarified and addressed.  This is an important work area, potentially affecting large numbers of planning applications in England, so we wish to ensure that the guidelines are as clear and as widely accepted as possible.

The first edition of the Reptile Mitigation Guidelines is therefore null and void.  All quotes, surveys and technical reports produced by consultants using older guidance (i.e. pre-dating TIN102) will still be acceptable, even if the work continues into 2012.  Any new fee proposals produced can also continue to follow previous guidance until such time as the guidelines have been re-published.  To reduce this inevitable overlap period, the second edition of the Reptile Mitigation Guidelines will be issued as soon as possible, certainly before the start of the next active season for reptiles.

In the meantime, the first edition can be treated as a draft and we are giving interested parties a chance to make additional comments to help us further improve the guidelines.  The deadline for these contributions is 1 January 2012.