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The Diary of an Ecology Apprentice: An Introduction to Bioacoustics

In his third month as an Ecology Apprentice at Baker Consultants, Matthew Keough had a 1:1 session with our Director of Bioacoustics, Carlos Abrahams, who introduced him to the bioacoustics devices we use for soil assessments

This week, Carlos and I had a 1:1 session, where he introduced me to the bioacoustics devices we use for soil assessments. We gave them a try in the area outside the office, which is woodland that has been partly cleared in the last few years and has fairly rich soil. It is fantastic listening to the ground; he showed me data he had obtained from his adventures in France and demonstrated how he could observe that more sound was present in healthier soils. I think this man is on to something!

 I also went on my first Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA) Survey with my colleagues, Dave and Jed. Both Dave and Jed are very insightful and great to work with. During this week’s survey I learnt a lot about birds and some new ephemeral plant species that occur on disturbed ground. A fun fact I learned is that no bird species is called a Seagull (who would have thought!), there are in fact six species of gull commonly found in the UK and around 50 worldwide! The site we went to was located on the bank of an estuary, so it was a great place for birding. Dave managed to identify twelve bird species during our brief survey.

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