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Profile Focus on Baker Consultant’s Ecologist Martin Ledger

In the third in our series of spotlight focusses on our team of ecologists, we’re handing over this month to Ecologist Martin Ledger who has been a part of the Baker Consultants team for over 10 years.

“I started my career with Baker Consultants as a part-time Field Assistant in the spring of 2011, whilst part-way through gaining a BSc Degree in Environmental Conservation at Nottingham Trent (Brackenhurst) University. I then enrolled as a full-time Ecologist with the consultancy on completion of my Degree course in spring 2013.

Scrolling back in time, I was born and raised in a mining family in a mining village in north-east Derbyshire. Despite the grim headstocks and pit tips looming above the village, the fields and woodland surrounding the village were fabulous for exploring, which enabled me to encounter the abundant wildlife within.  I developed a keen interest in as a result, from a very early age.  My main focus was on birds and I was a member of a very popular RSPB Young Ornithologists Club at primary school.

As time went on, ‘life’ got in the way and I spent many years working menial jobs in factories and the like and nature took a back seat, although I remained fascinated by it.

The dreaded 40th Birthday approached and after enrolling on a short BTO bird nest recording course, I encountered a young couple on the course that actually made a living from doing wildlife surveys! What?!! How was such a dream job possible? It was then that I realised I needed to change the direction my life was going and so I gave up my job (as you do) and enrolled on a one-year full-time BTEC Countryside Management Course, which I supplemented with voluntary Ranger work with the National Trust at Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire.

After gaining a Double Distinction on the BTEC course, I realized I had to bite the bullet (and confront poverty head on!) and use the credits gained to go for the full degree to have a chance of gaining a job in my chosen field. That’s where Baker Consultants came in and the rest is history!

Whilst working with Baker Consultants, I have increased my knowledge greatly across many disciplines of wildlife and environmental conservation, as well as honing my skills further in ornithology. Every day in the field is a day for learning and experiencing something new, whether that be an unusual call from a bird or coming across a plant in an out of the ordinary place. Mother Nature does not read guide books!

I enjoy working for Baker Consultants as it’s a great close knit team with a vast amount of collective knowledge of all areas of conservation and wildlife. If ever you have a problem or come across a species that you’ve never encountered, someone in the team will have been there and bought the T-shirt!”

If you are interested in joining our team, we’re always keen to hear from enthusiastic or experienced individuals seeking to forge a career in ecology, then please get in touch with Baker Consultants via our contact form on the website, or you can call us on +44 (0)1629 593958 or email us on