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Profile focus on Baker Consultants’ assistant ecologist Isabel Commerford

The Baker Consultants team is made up of a broad range of ecologists with a wide range of skills-sets and specific interests.

In the second in the series of spotlight focusses on our UK-based team of ecologists, we’re handing over to assistant ecologist Isabel Commerford who gives us some insights into her role, and how she became an ecologist.

“I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2020 with a BSc in Wildlife Biology and came straight into my first job as an Assistant Ecologist with Baker Consultants in the middle of a pandemic. It was quite a challenge, but now, a year down the line I feel lucky to have been able to make a start on my career during such a difficult period for many.

I became an Ecologist because I love being outdoors and am passionate about wildlife. I like being able to assist our clients in achieving a development project that not only considers, but provides long term benefits to nature.  In addition to my degree I have attended specialist training courses provided by CIEEM and I attended a British Ecological Society summer school. I owe most of my field skills to volunteering for charities such as the Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust.

At this early stage in my career I would describe myself as a generalist as I am focusing on developing my skills in all areas of the profession. Part of why I find the role so interesting is there are always opportunities to learn something new.  The fieldwork element is definitely my favourite part of the role, you never know what you might come across when you survey a site for the first time. I enjoy working all over the country and in different habitats, no two jobs are ever the same.

I would eventually like to progress up the career ladder and may choose to do further study at some point but for now I’m really enjoying my new role and am very grateful I was given the opportunity back in April last year, during the first lockdown.

Whilst looking for my first graduate position I was fed up of searching for job advertisements and instead decided to research different companies I would be interested in working for based on their work.  I had heard of Baker Consultants through one of my lecturers and I had met Carlos Abrahams (our Technical Director) when I attended a bioacoustics training course which he was running.  I knew Baker Consultants was the type of company I was looking for and I have not been disappointed!  We have a great team and I feel lucky to be learning so much from being in close contact with such a talented and knowledgeable bunch!”

If you are interested in joining our team, we’re always keen to hear from enthusiastic or experienced individuals seeking to forge a career in ecology, then please get in touch with Baker Consultants via our contact form on the website, or you can call us on +44 (0)1629 593958 or email us on