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New retail development plans now given the ok in Staffordshire

Baker Consultants worked with Sandyford Properties and P4 Planning securing planning approval for an underused parcel of land in Hanley.

The plans have now been approved by Stoke on Trent City Council to enable the redevelopment of the land within the Far Green Industrial Estate.

Baker Consultants was engaged as consultant ecologist on the plans submitted by P4 Planning to redevelop the site to create a retail unit that represents a £1.2million investment in the local area.

James Lewis of Sandyford Properties said, “Baker Consultants assessed the ecological impact of the proposed scheme and provided us with commercial advice on how to reduce the ecology impact of the development. Their input was fundamental in achieving planning permission.”

Our ecologists carried out a daytime inspection of two small interconnected appliance-repair and food preparation buildings, which assessed the food preparation building as offering low bat roosting potential. A subsequent dusk emergence survey was conducted by two experienced ecologists which found no roosting bats at the site, and the planning application was able to be progressed without ecological constraints.

Bat surveys are a mainstay in the day-to-day life of an ecology consultancy – in both domestic and industrial settings – and is an often-overlooked consideration that can cause time-costly delays should bats be found once work is underway. In sites that become vacant, or where the land and buildings lie unused for some time, the risks of bats and other protected species moving in increases, so it’s always wise to call in an ecologist to help with an assessment.

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