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Moët Hennessy’s World Living Soils Forum: Baker Consultants Will Showcase Bioacoustics Services

Baker Consultants' Managing Director, Andrew Baker, and Director of Bioacoustics, Carlos Abrahams, will be attending Moët Hennessy’s inaugural World Living Soils Forum in Arles-en-Provence on 1 – 2 June.

Moët Hennessy are at the forefront of regenerative viticulture and are hosting the very first edition of the World Living Soils Forum in Arles-en-Provence on 1-2 June, which will bring together scientists, researchers, wine industry experts and various other professionals in order to highlight the solutions to the conservation and regeneration of soils in viticulture and agriculture. Moët Hennessy’s Innovation Team selected Baker Consultants from a global shortlist of 130 companies to be part of the “Innovations Lab” to showcase our bioacoustics services. We will be joining seven other start-ups: Cropx, Telaqua, MyLand, Mycophyto, Biome Makers, Soil Capital, Husk and Trinity AgTech.

Bioacoustics is now a powerful tool for surveying and monitoring the natural environment, and our most recent work on soil bioacoustics attracted the attention of the Moët Hennessy Innovation Team. Bioacoustics has many applications in agriculture and viticulture, and has demonstrated the success of regenerative farming practices. Whether monitoring soil fauna, insects, birds, amphibians, bats or the overall ‘soundscape’, bioacoustics offers an inexpensive monitoring technique that is unbiased, easily replicable and can be applied to any ecosystem.

This new-found international interest in our bioacoustics work follows Carlos Abrahams’ report to Defra on the potential for using bioacoustics to monitor agri-environment schemes – a report that we understand will be published very shortly.

We’re looking forward to arriving in Arles-en-Provence and joining the other start-ups at the Innovation Hub and getting to meet and chat to the large number of delegates at the event. The two day program will include a series of conferences and workshops on soil biodiversity, ecological corridors, measuring biodiversity, pollinators, biodiversity and business all subjects where bioacoustics offers exciting solutions, and will be broadcast live on the dedicated website. You can find out more about the program and register to watch the best moments here.

See how we’ve been preparing for the World Living Soils Forum in the below video:


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