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DEFRA Live Stream launch of the Biodiversity Metric 3.0 on 7th July

A delayed launch of Metric 3.0 - originally scheduled for release at the start of 2021 - is finally to be revealed by DEFRA on 7 July by live stream.

DEFRA is running a live webinar on 7 July when the long awaited BNG Metric 3.0, will be revealed.

Biodiversity net gain sits at the heart of the Environment Bill and will become a future legal requirement for most developments in England. Even before BNG becomes law the Metric is already become an incorporated into many local plan policy leading to developer payments to secure net gain.

Much has been speculated about what might be retained in the new metric, and what is being dispensed from version 2.0. We were surprised to find that this event hasn’t been more widely publicised.

You can sign up for the event at the link here: 7 July, 10-11am.

The landing page of this website promises access to a beta version of the biodiversity metric 3.0 especially for smaller sites, dubbed the ‘Small Sites Metric’, and there will also be a beta version of the Environmental Benefits from Nature Tool.

There is plenty of discussion about the removal of ecological connectivity, and the addition of GIS data, along with the addition and the removal of a small number of habitat types.


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