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Carlos Delves Into Ecoacoustics on The ENDS Report’s Eco Chamber Podcast

Our Director of Ecoacoustics, Carlos Abrahams, has been leading research into bioacoustics for above ground biodiversity monitoring, as well as research into using the sounds of earthworms for measuring soil health. Having also authored the bird survey guidelines, his work in the field has seen him achieve many accolades, one of which saw him included in The ENDS Report Power List.

Dubbed the ‘King of Bioacoustics’ following his notable inclusion in The ENDS Report Power List in 2023, our Director of Ecoacoustics sat down with Jamie Carpenter, Editor of The ENDS Report, on the Eco Chamber podcast to delve into the world of ecoacoustics.

During the podcast, Carlos shed light on the significance of soundscapes in ecological assessments, emphasising how they serve as powerful indicators of ecosystem health and function. He introduced listeners to the basics of bioacoustics and ecoacoustics and how the applications of this technology support traditional survey methods to provide more robust scientific data collection. Listeners also had the opportunity to hear noises from underwater and underground, including water boatman and earthworms.

He also highlighted the transformative potential of technology in ecoacoustics research. Advances in recording devices and AI technology are revolutionising the field, allowing for automated analysis of vast amounts of audio data. This automation not only enhances the accuracy of species identification, but also enables long-term monitoring on a scale previously unimaginable.

Click here to listen to the podcast, and skip to 17:25 for Carlos’ segment.

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