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CIEEM 2021 Autumn Conference: Carlos Abrahams on acoustic approaches for long-term environmental monitoring

The CIEEM 2021 Autumn Conference: Management, Mitigation and Monitoring, will be held at the Mercure Bristol Grand Hotel in Bristol on 16-17 November.

The event supports ecological expertise and innovations in the survey, management and monitoring of, as well as mitigation impacts on, habitats and species.

The conference will welcome speakers from across the country to share their case studies and approaches for various aspects of conservation management, development planning and sustainable land use and other contexts.

One of the speakers at the CIEEM 2021 Autumn Conference will be Baker Consultants’ Director of Bioacoustics, Carlos Abrahams, who will be providing his knowledge on acoustic approaches for long-term environmental monitoring. Carlos has made a significant contribution to developments in bioacoustic monitoring, a method that has become more advanced in recent years due to developments in hardware and the standardisation of recording protocols.


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