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BBC Saving Species visits sound installation at Cromarty Lighthouse

Highlighting the importance of sound on underwater life, an art and sound installation by artists Stephen Hurrel and Mark Lyken working alongside marine biologists has been launched at the Cromarty Lighthouse.

IOTA in collaboration with the University of Aberdeen’s School of Biological Sciences hosted two artists in residence at the Lighthouse Field Station in Cromarty.

In a response to the maritime environment of Cromarty, Stephen Hurrel’s film, Dead Reckoning, featured cinematic images of the immediate environment, together with underwater video and sound recordings, to create a dialogue between ‘above’ and ‘below’ the waterline.

Here is the link to the BBC Radio 4 programme Saving Species and Stephen Hurrel’s film:

SM2Ms from Wildlife Acoustics have been recently bought by Aberdeen University with assistance from Baker Consultants’ marine team, to monitor the acoustic landscape of the Moray Firth.