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Baker Consultants’ Ecoacoustics Team to Showcase Soil Listening Station at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Following our site recce this week, we’re looking forward to heading down to London for RHS Chelsea Flower Show on 22 May, where we will be bringing along our first of its kind soil listening station. The device will be installed as part of an insect laboratory in The Royal Entomological Society’s show garden, designed by Tom Massey.

Tom Massey’s show garden, supported by Project Giving Back, has been designed to uncover the unseen and unheard creatures that live in the natural world – which is where Baker Consultants’ soil listening station comes in. Visitors at RHS Chelsea Flower Show will be able to interact with the show garden’s insect laboratory and listen to the sample of living soil that will be on display. The device is the first of its kind, and allows our specialist Ecoacoustics team to record and analyse the noise made by wildlife living in the earth beneath us which, in turn, enables us to determine the health of the soil. We can determine the health of soil by following one simple rule of thumb: a healthy soil is a noisy soil.

Baker Consultants to showcase soil listening station at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023.

Through developing this Ecoacoustic method, we can provide sound science that can be used by farmers, landowners, regenerative agriculture systems, vineyards and conservation organisations. The application of ecoacoustics methods also gives the food, farming and wine production industries a cost-effective and robust method for measuring and monitoring soil health as consumers increasingly demand more organic and sustainably farmed foods from them.

In regards to the show garden, Andrew Baker, Managing Director of Baker Consultants said: “This collaboration with the RES gives us an opportunity to show how the use of technology can transform not only how we see and hear the natural world, but also how the application of ecoacoustics can promote the uptake of more sustainable farming practices worldwide based on sound science. Consumers have been demanding greater accountability in the food production chain, and gardeners have been adopting better practice in recent years. We’re really excited to be able to bring this message to a wider audience at RHS Chelsea this year.”

Baker Consultants to showcase soil listening station at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023.

Baker Consultants will be at RHS Chelsea Flower Show on 22-27 May, so make sure to come along to the RES show garden and join us in discovering the world of insects.


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