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Baker Consultants Invited to Speak at CIEEM’s Autumn Conference About Modernising Ecology

The annual Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) Autumn Conference is right around the corner, and this year promises to be a remarkable event for ecology enthusiasts and environmentalists.

Baker Consultants will be in attendance at this year’s CIEEM 2023 Autumn Conference, where a couple of members of the team will be hosting talks and sitting on the panel of one of the event’s workshops.

The conference will be taking place in Liverpool on 22-23 November, and is themed “Modernising Ecology: Techniques and Approaches”. This year’s theme will help attendees to explore the challenges of protecting and restoring nature, and how we can make the best use of modern technology to meet these challenges. The conference will showcase a variety of innovative practices and will evaluate the usefulness of emerging technologies for survey and monitoring, data analysis, mitigation, and restoration.

One of the innovations on display will be the developments our Director of Bioacoustics, Carlos Abrahams, has been making with ecoacoustics and the soil listening device that is currently in production. On the morning of day one of the conference Carlos will be hosting a talk, where he will be discussing The Good Practice Guidelines for Long-Term Ecoacoustic Monitoring in the UK. These guidelines, funded by the UK Acoustics Network Plus (UKAN+), were published by a team of leading researchers from both Baker Consultants and Manchester Metropolitan University, and helps to bridge the gap between academia and the practical applications of bioacoustics. Carlos’ talk promises to shed light on how these guidelines can serve as a vital resource for professionals, farmers, researchers and conservationists alike.

In the afternoon of day two, Carlos will also be hosting a talk with fellow team member, Karthik Ashok. Together, they will dive into the fascinating world of soil acoustics and their ground-breaking research in this area, including how we can listen to the sounds of the underground to determine the health of soil. Their talk will showcase the potential of soil acoustics in understanding soil health and biodiversity, and how this method can provide farmers with an easy, efficient way of monitoring soil and inform ecological management practices.

Our Consultancy Director, Gavin Ward, will also be on the panel of a workshop on day two, where he will be discussing the challenges and opportunities presented by the four-day work week. At the beginning of this year, Baker Consultants initiated a trial of the four-day week; a bold move in the world of ecology consultancy. Reducing the work week to four days whilst maintaining productivity and work quality poses intriguing questions for the ecological consultancy sector. Gavin’s insights from our trial will be invaluable for conference attendees who are interested in exploring an alternative approach to the traditional work week that helps to promote a work-life balance without compromising on results.

Whether you’re interested in bioacoustics, soil acoustics or exploring the four-day week, don’t miss the chance to meet our team and discover how Baker Consultants is at the forefront of the innovative approaches that are currently being developed in the world of ecology. We look forward to seeing you in Liverpool!

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