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Baker Consultants’ Invertebrate Specialist, Dave Goddard, Will Present at CIEEM 2022 Wales Conference

Dave Goddard, Invertebrate Specialist at Baker Consultants, will be presenting at the CIEEM 2022 Wales Conference, Invertebrates: Think Small to See the Bigger Picture on 25 and 27 January, which will be taking place online.

CIEEM have invited speakers from all over the UK to provide their knowledge on invertebrates and what solutions can be provided to the problems we face protecting them, as they are often overlooked during big decision making processes, such as planning and biodiversity. Dave’s presentation will focus on what invertebrates do for us, why they are so important and how bioacoustics can help us to protect them, as well as the sort of data we can now collect as a result of recent advancements in bioacoustics methods.

You can find out more information about the event and book your tickets online on the CIEEM website here.


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