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Join Baker Consultants’ Andrew Baker at the 2021 Farm Business Innovation Show

Andrew Baker, Managing Director at Baker Consultants, will be giving a presentation on Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) at the 2021 Farm Business Innovation Show in November 2021.

The Environment Bill now stands states that it is a requirement for most types of development to secure a measurable 10% gain in biodiversity. The biodiversity value of the land upon which the development is sited will be measured prior to development; developers will need to show post-development that biodiversity loss is fully compensated plus a 10% net gain.

The new BNG legislation will have a knock on effect on land prices, the development industry, land management and farming, due to BNG providers seeking opportunities to purchase land upon which BNG units can be created. The government envisages that, over time, an open  market for BNG units will become established with developers bidding for available units.

You can read the full article on the Farm Business Innovation website here, laying out the pros and the cons for landowners looking to develop their land, or for landowners who will need to take BNG into account with their land development plans.

You can join Andrew at the Farm Business Innovation Show on 10th and 11th November to hear more on the implications the new legislation will have.


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