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Baker Consultants appoints ‘Dragonfly Dave’ as Senior Invertebrate Ecologist

We're pleased to announce that David Goddard (widely and affectionately known as Dragonfly Dave) has been appointed as Baker Consultants' new Senior Invertebrate Ecologist.

Having left behind an earlier career choice as a Software Engineer, Dave Goddard gained a 1st Class Hons Degree in Environmental Conservation and Countryside Management in 2007. He has since worked as a consultant ecologist on a huge variety of projects.

He first became interested in wildlife at that age of 10 after finding a stag beetle outside a local picture house. Intrigued by this magnificent creature, he carefully wrapped it in a handkerchief and passed it to a local naturalist to have it identified, and so began a lifelong interest in natural sciences and a particular interest in invertebrates.

Since becoming a professional ecologist, Dave, also affectionately known as ‘Dragonfly Dave’ amongst his peers, has worked in consultancy on a wide variety of projects, including residential developments, flood alleviation schemes, road schemes and ports. He is very much an all-rounder with interests in ornithology, mammals and reptiles, and he is an experienced ecological clerk of works. However, his passion is for invertebrates (both freshwater and terrestrial), seeing him become a nationally acknowledged expert, particularly in dragonflies and damselflies, as well as the keeper of the British Dragonfly Societies’ exuviae collection, along with being their librarian / archivist (more on this in the future).

Andrew Baker, Baker Consultants’ MD, said, “We are really pleased to welcome Dave to the team. He is a highly respected member of the profession and brings a whole new set of skills to the Baker Consultants team. Very few consultancies have in-house invertebrate specialists and Dave’s skills will be in great demand.”

Welcome on board, Dave!


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