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Recapping the Highlights: CIEEM 2023 Autumn Conference

Baker Consultants was pleased to have a significant presence at the CIEEM 2023 Autumn Conference this year, held at the vibrant and historic city of Liverpool. With a team of experts and a diverse range of topics to discuss, our goal was to contribute to the conference and engage with fellow professionals. The event provided a platform to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and showcase our expertise in modernising ecology.

At the conference, Dr Carlos Abrahams, Director of Bioacoustics at Baker Consultants, delivered a talk on the recently published ‘Good practice guidelines for long-term ecoacoustic monitoring in the UK’; a joint effort between a leading team of researchers from both Baker Consultants and Manchester Metropolitan University. During his talk, Carlos discussed the importance of ecoacoustics in understanding the acoustic environment and its role in assessing biodiversity and ecosystem health. He also explored how the guidelines can enable researchers and practitioners to collect high-quality data and contribute to a growing body of knowledge in the field of ecoacoustics.

In addition to Carlos Abrahams’ talk on ecoacoustics, Karthik Ashok, Bioacoustics Database Developer at Baker Consultants, collaborated with Carlos to deliver a joint presentation on soil acoustics. Soil acoustics is an emerging field that explores the soundscape of the soil environment and its implications for ecosystem functioning. Karthik and Carlos shared their research findings, which explores the relationship of soil soundscapes with soil health and biodiversity.

Aside from the presentations by Carlos Abrahams and Karthik Ashok, the CIEEM Autumn Conference 2023 featured a wide range of talks that addressed various topics in ecology. One notable talk was on breaking taboos in ecology, where speakers discussed the importance of addressing sensitive workplace issues and challenging societal taboos. In parallel with this talk, our Consultancy Director, Gavin Ward, co-chaired a workshop exploring the pros and cons of our recent trial and full-time transition to a four-day working week.

Another engaging presentation focused on the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), eDNA, robotics, satellite imagery and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the advancement of ecological research and monitoring. All of these types of technology are revolutionising ecological assessments, providing a more cost-effective and non-invasive method for data collection.

Finally, the conference dinner also saw Dr Carlos Abrahams receive his fellowship from CIEEM. This prestigious honour recognises his outstanding contribution to the field of ecology over the course of his 30-year career.

In summary, the diverse range of talks at the conference highlighted the dynamism and innovation within the field of ecology. It showcased the dedication of researchers, practitioners and organisations like Baker Consultants in advancing ecological knowledge and technologies to find the solutions to pressing environmental challenges.

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