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Bat call data analysis service

Our bioacoustic team has recently made a significant breakthrough in the semi-automated processing of full spectrum data, allowing a more cost-effective way of managing bat call data analysis.

The success of this technique on over 1000s of hours of data, has led to us being commissioned to process data for one of the UK’s largest major infrastructure projects.

We can now offer a fixed price quotation whether it be for a few nights of survey or terabytes of data. Data analysis is carried out by our bioacousticians and our expert bat ecologists, who are highly experienced in the call identification of British bats.

The outputs of the service are tailored to your needs but typically include:

  • A summary spreadsheet of the data including a confirmed species list
  • A list highlighting calls which are dubious or inadequately recorded
  • A date and time-indexed spreadsheet of all identifiable calls

The benefits of using a specialist service include:

  • Rapid, cost effective analysis
  • Independent verification avoiding any charge of bias
  • Data remains confidential and site anonymous
  • Prevent a backlog of unprocessed data

To request a data sample quotation please contact or call 01629 593958.

Equipment Calibration

When did you last check the status of your SM2+BAT units and their microphones? All electrical equipment will degrade with time and exposure to the elements, which means that your ability to detect wildlife may be affected by reduced sensitivity of your instrumentation.

If a site is contentious, the robustness of ecological data may be tested at public inquiry so it is essential that equipment be tested before and after deployment to ensure consistency across recordings and minimise the potential for data loss.

The National Physical Laboratories (NPL) procedure in line with UKAS guidelines recommends that microphones used for investigative measurements be tested every two years for signal to noise ratio. NPL provides this full calibration service.

Our testing protocols use high quality instrumentation (calibrated to national standards) and test both the microphone or hydrophone, and the circuitry ensuring that all units are working within a set of acceptable parameters. We are now offering this as a service to other SM2BAT and SM2M users.

To book your equipment or data in with our bioacoustics team call 01629 593958 or email