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Andrew Baker to speak on the legal position of European Protected Species

Andrew Baker has been invited to speak about the legal position of European Protected Species (EPS) at a Planning and Design Group (P&DG) breakfast seminar on Thursday 14th July.

Post EU Referendum – Maximising Development Opportunities in the Evolving Planning Environment

The planning system has gone through considerable pro-development changes and updates over the past 12 months, at the point of writing we also have a forthcoming referendum which could present future changes to that planning system.

P&DG’s breakfast seminar will look at those changes, the impact of the referendum and attempt to provide insight and experience of maximising development opportunities in the changing planning system.


About the seminar

In his talk, Andrew will review the structural basis of the legal protection afforded to EPS, and how it is administered in England by the LPAs and Natural England. He will explore the relevant caselaw and current legal position and report on the latest progress in this rapidly changing area.

The seminar takes place on Thursday 14th July from 8.30am in London. Alongside Andrew, there will be advice from P&DG on ‘Maximising Development Opportunities in the current Planning Environment’ as well as a talk from another guest speaker.

Venue: The Boardroom, University of Westminster, 309 Regent St, London W1B 2UW
Nearest Tube Station: Oxford Circus Station


More about European Protected Species

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How to book

For further information and to check availability please contact P&DG direct by email: P&DG Bookings or Tel: Fiona Grocock or Claire Hutt on 01623 726256.